HAK (Croatian academic association) is the youth organization of the Burgenland Croatian minority and is based in Vienna. This organization was founded in 1948 and today counts about 1000 members from Austria, Hungary and Slovakia – the area where Burgenland Croats live today. The aim of HAK is to preserve and develop the Burgenland Croatian language and culture. Parts of its work are based on the Austrian state treaty from 1955, where the minority rights are specified. Nevertheless, until now most of these Austrian constitutional laws have still not been fulfilled. Thus, one of the main goals of the association is to improve and adapt the political and legal situation for minorities. Additionally, HAK functions as a network connecting young Burgenland Croats from all different regions. To achieve these objectives, HAK is organizing various events (e.g. discussions, conferences, literature evenings, concerts, festivals, educational activities, etc.). Novi Glas, HAK´s newspaper, is published 4 times a year.